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Caboverdetime Incoming & Pleasure offers the assistance you need to make your stay special. Our young and dynamic staff organizes suggestive escursions that can be purchased at the excursions office at the hotel.
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Salina Relax
In the ancient crater of the extinct Volcano of Pedra de Lume, thanks to underground infliltrations, natural sal pans have formed 25 times more salty than ocean water.
Today it is in this fascinating context that it is possible to exploit all the beneficial, therapeutic, curative and slimming properties of the natural salt pans and the salt of Pedra de Lume.
Our specialized staff will guide you through a fascinating journey that includes:
Mud therapy

Quad Experience
An adventurous and exciting tour on board of a four-wheeled bike that will guide you through the multicolored landscaped of the island: dirt tracks, red earth, lava rock deserts, golden dunes and wild beaches. Discovering unforgettable landscapes and places that are difficult to reach by other means
Choose your favorite itineraries:

Island tour: Ponta Preta, Murdeira, Monte Leone, Palmeira, Buracona, Terra Boa desert, Espargos, Pedra de Lume Volcano, Shark Bay, Serra Negra, Kite Beach.
Do not miss a stop at the salt pans of Pedra de Lume where, in a fascinating landscape, lunch will be served.
Easy tour: Santa Maria, Igrijinha, Salinas of Santa Maria and Ponta Preta.
Desert tour: Santa Maria, Igrijinha, Salinas of Santa Maria, Kite Beach, Serra Negra, Palha Verde, Calheta Funda, Algodoeiro and Ponta Preta.

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Catamaran Bazof
A wonderful half day of sea and relax on our catamaran to discover the beautiful west coast of Sal. From the port of Palmeira we will reahc, after about an hour of navigation, the suggestive ans sheltered bay of Murdeira where, once anchored, you will have the opportunity to dive indot the crystal clear waters of the ocean, snorkel, fish or simply relax on board. Murdeira bay is also the place where turtles mate, that is why it is lukely to see them (especially during summer months). Sailing towards the port, sharpen your sight, so as not lo lose sight of whales and dolphins (especially from Fedruary to May). Snacks and drinks will be served on board. 

Island Tour 
A whole day to discover the island of Sal.

Crossing the village of Santa maria, we will reach Punta Leme where you will be able to admire a new glimpse of the south coast of the island. The second stop will be at the calm of Murdeira Bay, dominated by Monte Leone, where after a short break we will leave again to reac the capital Espargos. We will the cointinue to discover the picturesque fishing village of Palmeira with its commercial port, and the spectacular natural pools of Buracona with the famous “blue eye”. Continuing east we will cross the desert of Terraboa to admire its mysterious mirage until reaching the famouns Pedra de Lume volcano for a relaxing “floating” bath in salt pools. Following, within the spectacular scenery of the Volcano, lunch will be served. At the end of the tour we will stop on the beautiful beach of Ponta Preta for a last swim before returning to the hotel. 

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Diving with Our Partners

"Cabo Verde Diving"

Whether you are an experienced diver or would like to make your first dive, Cabo Verde Diving will cater for all needs. Diving in Cape Verde offers a unique mix of diverse tropical and Mediterranean marine life. Discover rays and manta gracefully hovering around local wrecks, shoals of fish swaying in open water or sheltering in coral, or observe turtles lazily swimming nearby. There is no rainy season in Cape Verde and we, therefore, dive all year-round. The underwater world of Cape Verde can satisfy the more demanding divers with caves, deep walls and wrecks and the tremendous abundance and variety of marine life.


The ZIPLINE CABO VERDE truly is for everyone.

Children, teens, adults,  elderly as well as  people with disabilities. There is no age limit, you don't need any physical preparation, you don't need a driving license and you don't need any particular skills. The only limit is the weight (minimum 30 kg / maximum 140 kg). You can fly alone or in a couple. The excursion will start with  a small briefing and after that you’ll  be taken to the foot of the mountain. A path carved into the mountain, surrounded by fir poles and ropes that delimit the path, with breathtaking views where you can take  unforgettable photographs and videos. After walking for about 8-10 minutes  you will arrive on the top of the mountain where the staff will start harnessing the participants one by one. Then in turns, solo or in couple, you will begin to fly from the top to the base along a steel cable via a specially patented pulley, flying over the sea and the crystal clear water.

Zip Line Cabo Verde
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